NEWS: Runtime announces new partnership

Runtime x The Final Tribe

Berlin, April 5th, 2018: Runtime, the leading esports nutrition company, is delighted to announce its partnership with the professional esports organization The Final Tribe. The new partnership means a step forward in esports nutrition – for both parties.

The Final Tribe, a Dota 2 organization from Sweden, started in November 2017. Right from the start, the team showed promising big goals and a serious approach which perfectly aligns with Runtime’s values.

The cooperation involves sponsoring of The Final Tribe team with Runtime products, insight into nutrition and training, while Runtime, in turn, will be provided with valuable feedback from top players to develop new products and constantly improve the established product range.

"A collaboration with Runtime makes a lot of sense to us since we put a lot of thinking into how to optimize our daily practice and find peak performance with regards to nutrition. Therefore we are very excited about this sponsor partnership and are eager to work closely with Runtime on our journey to the top!", said Ludwig Sangren, CEO of The Final Tribe.

Runtime offers several products specifically tailored to the needs of esports athletes: the expertly formulated performance ingredients are designed to enable a long-lasting endurance, improved wakefulness, and increased focus – without the usual sugar rush or fast crash.

Simon “Handsken” Haag, team captain and drafter of The Final Tribe, commented: "I have previously been drinking lots of caffeine during both practice and competitions, which have proven not so optimal because of how caffeine spikes. With Runtime, I believe I will be able to keep my peak performance in better balance and have much better mental endurance, which will be truly essential for us when we take our game to the next level."

While following the development of several different parts of the esports scene, the Runtime team noticed The Final Tribe as a new organization appearing in the Dota 2 scene. Deeper investigation and discussion of visions and values revealed that both parties have many things in common in terms of how training in esports should be approached.

Aleksandrs Zavoloks, CEO and co-founder of Runtime, about the new partnership: “Runtime is all about constant self-improvement. We believe that our products help is the perfect sidekick for that. The Final Tribe is a new team, but with a few familiar faces on board. We decided to work with them because our vision aligns. They put a lot of effort into the holistic approach to training in-game and outside of that. We will be working hand in hand to help them achieve more, and listen to player’s feedback when developing new products.”


About Runtime
Runtime is focused on building the next generation of nutrition solutions for esports athletes. Runtime products contain high-performance ingredients such as isomaltulose, branched chain amino acids, proteins and nootropics to help athletes achieve peak physical and mental operating levels. The esports nutrition company is backed by investors including Everblue Management, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures and Döhler Ventures.