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By Lauren Dunmore

It’s finally here, the most anticipated World of Warcraft tournament of the season. Last year we watched with bated breath as Method defeated boss Queen Azshara after 13 days of raiding. Limit came in a close second, defeating the dreaded queen after 14 days of dedicated gameplay.

This year the tournament will take 12 guilds to the land of My’alotha, a sleeping city where only crime and madness walk. The city is home to the elusive God of The Deep, N’Zoth, a dark being set on unleashing chaos and nightmares unto Azeroth. To win the battle against evil and bring light to the people of Azeroth, Runtime will partner with the Race to World First in the hopes that a new champion will rise to the occasion and defeat perhaps the most difficult boss we’ve seen to date. We’ll also provide nutrient rich meals and drinks to give players the fuel they need to make it to the finish line.


The Race to World First is a tournament held each year by Method, a world championship winning esports organization that started as a World of Warcraft guild in 2005.

The tournament invites the top guilds from around the world to lead their teams to victory by achieving a personal character level of 60 and defeating the legendary endboss. The first team to make it to the end will be able to add the impressive god N'zoth to their trophy list.

The adventure begins on Jan 28th in Krefeld, Germany. Check out Method’s 24 hour coverage of the tournament here. Runtime will be travelling through the world of Azeroth with the guilds, reporting on the most exciting happenings, so come back tomorrow for the latest news. We will also provide frequent updates on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

DAY 1: JAN 28


Big Dumb Guild performed an impressive killshot and rose to #3 in the rankings. Almost all of the teams defeated the first 4 bosses quickly. Blood Legion rose to the top, defeating Maut with relative ease. Most of the guilds pursued the Hivemind, Midwinter, Imperative, and Vision.

Looking forward to teams based in Asia joining the fray soon.

DAY 2: JAN 29


Complexity Limit were the heros of the day, claiming Ra-den and the Despoiled World first, and finishing above Pieces at 9/12. Ra-den proved to be an extremly challening boss to defeat thanks to a tight DPS and healing check. Early in the day, the EU servers came online and Pieces was the fastest team to open their weekly chest. They quickly prevailed over some of the other US teams rising to the number 2 guild within a day. Looking forward to seeing if they are able to catch up to Complexity Limit on Day 3.

DAY 3: JAN 30

The Asian servers came online today and we saw some strong boss kills from teams like Alpha who quickly defeated 6 bosses. Most of the teams achieved 7/12 kills meaning it will be a close battle to the finish line. Method defeated Mythic Drest'agath late in the evening and is now tied for first with Complexity Limit. Both teams only need to defeat Il'gynoth, Carapace of N'Zoth, and the indomitable N'Zoth the Corruptor to win.

DAY 4: JAN 31

Complexity Limit and Method are playing a strong game. Complexity Limit was able to take down Carpace of N'Zoth down to 60% and Method is close to killing Il'gynoth. Aversion climbed the ranks, claiming World 4th late tonight. Many of the teams were able to take down Vexiona.

DAY 5: FEB 1


Limit had a tough morning, realizing that Mental Decay and Insanity Bomb made Carapace impossible to kill. Complexity Limit were abel to successfully down Carapace of N'Zoth. This means they only have one more boss left to kill. Method completed the ex-tree and took down Il'gynoth. They are now ready to take on Carapace.

DAY 6: FEB 2


Complexity Limit spent a good amount of time in N'Zoth's secret phase but eventually were victorious in the fight. Limit had some issues wth N'Zoth and pushed a despawn for all US guilds. Method completed some Heroic splits by the end of their raid day.

DAY 7: FEB 3


Method was able to fight through the Chamber of Hear secret in the Mythic phase! Many of the teams were able to kill Il'gynoth and have just two baddies to vanquish to claim victory. Pieces was able to defeat Carapace and joins Method and Limit at 11/12.

DAY 8: FEB 4


Alpha was able to defeat Carapace and rose to 4th place! Complexity Limit was able to get N'Zpth down to 40%. They are aiming to to get him down to 25%. Blizzard announced that there would be some upcoming nerfs to the Corruption effects which should really shake things up.

DAY 9: FEB 5


Complexity Limit is close to getting N'Zoth down to 25%. 6 guilds were able to reach N'Zoth this week. Method finished their reclear and are back to attacking N'Zoth. It will be interesting to see if Corruption tuning will bring in some new nerfs.

DAY 10: FEB 6


Complexity Limit was victorious!!!!

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