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By Lauren Dunmore

Who could forget when controversial sportscaster Colin Cowherd said, “somebody lock the basement door at mom's house and don't let 'em out” in response to ESPN broadcasting the Heroes of the Storm tournament. His sentiment is probably not unique, many still see esports players as lazy, out of shape, and anti-social. The job of a gamer is to sit in front of a screen for hours on end, clicking buttons and blinking after all, or so we think.

According to many in the esports industry, this stereotype is totally misguided. Competitive esports require focus, intellectual dexterity, and a considerable amount of endurance. Players are expected to be responsive and engaged for hours in high stress environments which leads to mental and physical exhaustion and ultimately, in many cases, early retirement due to burnout. What is the best way to prolong an esports career and avoid injury? According to Mat Taylor, Team Envy’s manager, staying active and healthy is the only way to keep your mind and body well equipped to perform at the highest levels. This is why many professional esports players stick to a balanced diet and pair long hours of gameplay with time in the gym.


In the high stakes world of esports, players are willing to do whatever it takes to get a competitive edge. For esports teams, this often means hiring a private chef who whips up nutritious meals of veggies and lean meats. Junk food is avoided in favor of high protein and leafy greens.

If you’re looking to up your game try switching up your diet. Saturated fats, sodium, and simple carbs will leave you sluggish and make it difficult to perform at a competitive leve. Instead, focus on consuming foods high in protein and smart carbs. If you find yourself low on time, you should consider a healthy ready-to-drink meal like the Next Level Meal, from Runtime. Packed with superfoods to help you play in the big leagues, the Next Level he formula will improve your endurance and focus, and keep you full for hours.

But a balanced diet is only half of the battle. Exercise is also an essential component of esports training. 


Esports players are often expected to spend between 50 and 80 hours per week in front of a screen perfecting their craft. That’s a pretty demanding lifestyle considering the lightning fast reflexes and monk like concentration esport players should maintain while gaming.

But what is the best way to get ahead according to esports players from around the world? One step is to integrate at least 30 to60 minutes of strength and cardio training into your daily routine. Tempo Storm’s Mike Glaurung Fisk says “when I live a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been able to be more consistently close to the top” and has been known to pair his long days of training with an intense workout regimine.

To power your performance in and outside of the gym, you can check out the OP Shot or Performance Drink from Runtime. These game changing beverages are packed with natural ingredients like green tea, isomaltulose, and Tyrosine which will give you the energy and drive to power through your workout and beat your competition, without the sugar high or come down effects of typical energy drinks.

But, eating healthy and exercising aren’t the only things you need to improve your esports performance. For more tips on how to level up your game, check out our piece on making it big in competitive gaming.

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