About Runtime

Our mission

We set ourselves to optimize nutrition for every esports enthusiasts. Why? Because we've grown tired of watching even top esports athletes using junk food and energy drinks that are actually preventing them from playing and performing at their best. The idea of Runtime was born when we decided to develop products that can finally change this: Performance Nutrition made in Germany, designed with experts and only high-quality ingredients.

Who we are

Our team is a mixture of many different characters with several different backgrounds. We come from gaming and therefore know exactly what really matters - for the simple reason that we experienced ourselves what it means to eat and drink the wrong things during professional gaming and other sports. This is the reason why we're working each and every day with eagerness and lifeblood on fulfilling our mission.
Our head quarter is located in the heart of Berlin where our heads are spinning to create great products and an even greater customer experience. Here we brainstorm, discuss, write and decide - and luckily laugh a lot, too!

Our history

When we started our sales in February 2017, we introduced our first two core products: The Next Level Meal and the Performance Drink. The Runtime Next Level Meal is a complete and balanced meal that is prepared in 1 minute and keeps you full for several hours. It is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to save time in a healthy way and improve endurance and performance during gaming at the same time. The Performance Drink ensures a stable and constant energy supply without causing a sugar crash. The Next Level Meal and the Performance Drink were (and still are!) our answer to junk food, useless energy drinks and missing healthy alternatives. Not only suitable for even the longest gaming sessions, but for every event, tournament and on the go.

It took us 14 months to prepare the first tastes of the meal and the drink. That included countless iterations of the formula, a lot of DIY product design and even more testing with top athletes and performance specialists like Dr. Lutz Graumann and Weldon Green. We created a product that actually works. Not the typical pure marketing stuff that others are doing. Real products, real performance improvements and real results. Made and designed in Germany.
We are constantly working on adjusting our formulas based on further feedback that we get. We like to call our iterations 'Balance Updates'.
A typical balance update takes a couple of months to make, and we will never stop improving them.