The number one performance ingredient you've never heard about.

There is a compound that millions of people drink every day that you're probably unaware of. This little substance might very well be the reason that so many people drink this famous beverage that you also know. So what is this substance that we're guessing you had a few times in your life but never really noticed? Its the substance L-Theanine and it is a naturally occuring amino acid.

What is L-Theanine

You probably never heard of L-Theanine up until now, but you might have heard about something where this substance is most commonly found. L-Theanine is found in tea and also in green tea powder, green tea extract. L-Theanine is a very relaxing amino acid and it works alongside green tea catechins and caffeine to increase alterness. 

If you dont like tea you could also go for mushrooms, since there are some varieties that produce the amino acid naturally.

What does L-Theanine do

Theanine is being considered a nootropic. Meaning that it has capabilities to increase concentration and protect the brain. You can think of nootropics as antioxidants on steroids. So but what does L-Theanine do and why should you care?

This amazing substance works by increasing alpha waves in the brain and also reducing delta waves. Increasing alpha waves in your brain is correlated with higher concentration capabilities. But thats not all...

There are also other studies that show that L-Theanine works by decreasing serotonin in the brain but also increasing the concentration of Dopamine and Adrenaline which has a strong concentration increasing effect. This means that L-Theanin works on various levels to help you concentrate better.

Why do i need L-Theanine?

If you're serious about competing in esport or amateur esport leagues or just about competing in your game of choice i can strongly recommend that you supplement with L-Theanine in any form, here's the reason.

Have you ever heard about Yerkes-Dodson law

Here's a little excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Yerkes–Dodson law is an empirical relationship between arousal and performance, originally developed by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson in 1908.The law dictates that performance increases with physiological or mental arousal, but only up to a point. When levels of arousal become too high, performance decreases. The process is often illustrated graphically as a bell-shaped curve which increases and then decreases with higher levels of arousal.

This means basically that the more caffeine you put in does not equal more alterness or even performance. So when your buzzed out of your mind from 4 double shots of espresso it will not lead to more alertness or accuracy it will actually make you perform less.

What should you do now?

The goal is to find your right caffeine & theanine dosage. Meaning you should opt for about a ratio of the dosage that is approximately 2:1

2 = L-Theanine 

1 = Caffeine

In metric terms this means that you would take 100mg of caffeine (in the fast acting form, not guarana for example) and 200mg of l-theanine. 

If you want the natural approach, i can only recommend you go for either high quality sencha or get some good matcha tea and then just find your optimal "in the zone" feeling. These approaches take time and are not error prone since you will have to experiment a lot to find your right dosage.

You could also do the following....

How should you make use of this information now?

You could do this: Make yourself a cup of good nice Japanese Sencha or other green tea and enjoy the effect of green tea. If you don't like green tea or if you get nauseous like me from drinking green tea straight you should definately check out our functional performance drink we developed exactly for this reason.

To give you a mental boost without the jittery effect of too much caffeine check out our performance drink right now and order some for yourself to dominate in your next game:

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Here are some studies on the effect of l-theanine in healthy humans for you to check out. 

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