How Runtime replaces ADDERALL

In this article you will learn what adderall is and how it affects your body. After reading you will know what is the difference between Runtime Performance Drink and adderall and eventually what is the better choice if you want to use performance enhancement or stimulants of any kind to improve results in your esports career.

Putting it all into perspective

When the former Cloud9 player Kory “SEMPHIS” Friesen openly spoke about the (alleged) use of performance enhancing drugs in esports it was quite a media outrage. Suddenly everyone wanted to have stricter rules and some kind of anti doping agency that regulates the use of substances in the competitive scene. 

We make a bold point here at Runtime, performance enhancement is not only everywhere but also necessary for players to be on top of their game.

We will also teach you how to use performance enhancement openly and safely so that you can maximize your potential with no or minimal impact on your health. 

Finding out how Runtime can give you the same effect as adderall

Does it make you angry when you see people cheat online? Do you feel good when you think about wallhacks and aimbots? I personally don't like the feeling when I am playing against another team and they're cheating and getting wins without putting in any keyboard time so to speak.

How is it now that Runtime can give you the same effect as say, a prescription drug? That sounds totally nuts. 

I have to admit it sounds nuts and is also only partially true. Lets have a quick look at what adderall does to your brain and your attention in the game.

Adderall is a prescription drug that has structural similarities to amphetamines, scratch that: basically adderall is a mixture of two very similar amphetamines. Now, what are amphetamines?

Well that's easy, amphetmines work by increasing the activity by dopamin in your brain. Note that everything that increases dopamin can make you addicted!

When you have more dopamine the your brain you are more motivated to do stuff and also have better mood and feel kind of alert.

How does that work the same as adderall then? 

Runtime has several working mechanisms, but one of the most important and profound is caffeine mixed with l-theanine. Caffeine alone is an oldie but goldie in the world of performance enhancement and you might yawn now since you could also drink a cup of coffee as well to get the same benefits, but wait there's more to it..

Through the combination of caffeine with l-theanine the pushing, wakefulness inducing effect from coffee gets nerfed a little bit. The nerf is actually a buff though, because you don't get overexcited and have a really nice and mild caffeine high that lets you play consistently and not crash and burn after a while..

"Through mixing caffeine and l-theanine (an amino acid found in tea)
Runtime will make you alert and chill, not alert and overexcited like other energy drinks"

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So you came here to see how you can achieve the same effects as adderall with Runtime. Well, I have to tell you that you will never achieve the same effects as adderall but also why it is good that you don't. See for yourself.

Adderall is a pretty effective way to get to a state where you have high alertness and will play concentrated for longer periods of time. It might be good to have super high attention when playing shooters since the time from seeing the enemy player to pulling the trigger correctly is the most important performance metric here. 

However, think about games where concentration and tunnel vision are not everything but you also need to have empathy and rely on your instincts as well as communicate with your team like in DotA2 or CS:GO.

Runtime can help you here, and that's the second part of how it works similar:

1) Runtime gives you a superior performance high and alertness due to the combination of caffeine + l-theanine
2) Runtime Performance Drink can give you a no-sugar-crash way to fuel your brain

So the #1 mistake that a lot of players do nutritionally is that they eat too much, especially when training and then crash after that and have low energy levels for the rest of the day. It's even worse when players consume regular energy drinks which have high level of sugar. 

Runtime contains a novel kind of natural sugar called palatinose (or isomaltulose for you geeks) that gets metabolized very slowly in your body.

Your homework / your takeaway

1) Don't drink regular sugary energy drinks that just push you, make you edgy and just reduce your attention after a while.
2) Don't drink too much of them as they will make you crash, or for the same reason don't eat too much stuff with sugar in it (yes even complex carbs, cereal and ramen is almost purely sugar) as it will make you crash very quickly.

Take action now.

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