There's a way for you to have a complete meal in less than 1 minute while playing that is also healthy

So, you're probably curious about how you can have this complete meal thingy in under 1 minute when you are reading this right now? Maybe you're also curious if this complete meal is something for you? Or maybe, you just want to see if these Runtime guys are for real and not full of it :-)

Our promise to you:

We at Runtime think that a gamer's life right now is not optimal. Let me rephrase that: We at Runtime think that a gamer's nutrition and nutrition habits are not optimal. That's why our promise is, that after you read this article you will know what a complete meal is and how you can always get a complete meal. 

Also we have another promise for you, but you have to read on to see what it is ;-)

The most annoying thing while gaming

Does it annoy you when you're getting super hungry and you're just in the middle of a game or at the beginning of a seemingly endless game (hello fellow Dota players who have done 60-90+ min games) when you're getting super hungry and get reminded by the growling sounds of your stomach that you probably haven't eaten since lunch.

So you don't want to face any leaver punishment for just quitting. As we all know leaving the game open and play idle even for more than a minute can ruin not only your game but everyone else's especially if you're a supporting player.

So lets have a quick overview what a complete meal is:

First let me say that eating and nutrition for the most part is like a religion for people. You probably have heard people say: "I dont eat carbs after 6pm!" or "If you combine carbs with fat you will get fat!" he says she says.. We believe that everyone has different needs, some need more carbs and some people could use a little bit more protein. But we're not here to make a detailed meal plan for each and everyone of you out there. What we want to show you is that everyone on this planet needs to have some variation of the following compounds to function properly:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Electrolytes such as salt (sodium & chloride), potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, sulphate, phosphate.

For how much of each of these you should consume I wont bother you right now (this is a topic for another time) but lets keep in mind that by having none of one of the above compounds you won't perform very good.

You know whats the most neglected factor in gaming right now?

Nutrition is the most neglected factor in esports right now. We're here to challenge the status quo and improve upon the numberless energy drinks and quick snacks that will just do one thing to you, make you weak crash and hunger for more crappy food.

How is it possible to prepare a complete meal in < 1 minute?

Our first promise was that you know what a complete meal is. Let's find out what the second promise is.

We believe that food doesn't have to be complicated. Food has to be healthy, filling (goodbye salad) and make you more resilient to feelings of hunger. In addition it is the best thing in the world when you get it fast (without it being fast food).

The positive effects from eating a Runtime Buff Food for breakfast, lunch or dinner:

  • We use a lot of complex carbs from oats.
  • We integrate healthy medium chain fatty acids from coconuts that are not stored as fat in the body but act as a direct fuel source for your brain.
  • We use a special kind of natural sugar that is pretty unknown right now which gets metabolized almost 3 times!! as slow as sugar which helps you not crash after you have your Buff, this sugar is called isomaltulose.
  • We also add BCAAs & hydrolyzed collagen to support the regeneration of your tendons and muscles.

What we want you to do now:

When you're at this point of the article we would love for you to consider giving Runtime Buff Food a try. It's a healthy meal in the form of a drinkable shake that contains a third of all the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis, is easy and quick to make and also tastes pretty damn delicious (some people say it tastes like liquid cookie dough).


Also feel free to comment here with feedback or write us an email. We're actually reading every single one of your emails and taking your questions and feedback serious since we want to make this the best nutrition company in this great industry.

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