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Runtime x GamesCom

It's been quite an exciting couple of weeks for us here at Runtime. Not only we've been working on new products, but we've also got the chance to meet you, our customers, in person. 

Our good friends at MSI Deutschland invited us to set up our mini stand at their booth in Hall 5.1 at GamesCom and this was our first chance of direct interaction with our fans. Live interaction vs email conversations. If only all decisions in life were this simple!

We've packed our Runtime-mobile with Performance Drinks, Shakers and Next Level Meals and head out from Berlin to Cologne. Pro-tip: Runtime is the perfect companion for long road trips. No need to consume crappy overpriced petrol station food or drinking coffee on the way. 

GamesCom was fun. Exhausting type of fun. It's been our absolute pleasure to hear people coming and saying that they love our products, introducing them to new customers and gathering real-time feedback on new tastes as well as the whole concept. We've also got surprise visits from all the people we work with and support and this all simply brings another dimension to what we do. 

A very special thank you goes to Patricia, who was the perfect Runtime ambassador, and helped us with the whole Operation GamesCom project. Another very important shout-out goes to MSI Deutschland Team, Kaffeekind, T-Berium & Florian "N30NTV" Bradel. 

It's been a great trip for us at Runtime, and we hope that we've managed to improve your GamesCom experience by sharing the meals and the drinks, as well as positive vibes at the Runtime booth. 

We've also realized that we should do these things more often. Where would you like to meet the Runtime Team and taste our products next? Let us know at office@runtime.gg