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Runtime Life: Podcast Series

We've started our own Podcast series hosted by MSc sport psychology & G2 assistant coach, Weldon Green, Performance Coach of Fnatic & The Mental Click, Kate O'Keef, and our own Product Lead – Marcel Rütschlin

First three episodes are already available for your enjoyment:

First three episodes are personal stories of our hosts. Episode 1 is about Marcel's story from being one of the key members of the German biohacking community to becoming one of the co-founders of Runtime. Episode 2 is Kate's journey that has taken her to the slopes of Mount Everest and coaching professional esports athletes. Episode 3 is about Weldon's rise to being a prominent sports psychology trainer and esports coach. 

We are working on new episodes, getting them available in iTunes and producing more exciting content to your liking. 

We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for the series, just drop us an email us at