Ingredient Spotlight: Oatmeal made out of natural oats in runtime buff food

In this article you will see why oats are an incredibly healthy food choice and how we’re using oats in you diet is not only tasty but can make you become a better player.

So, lets start with the beginning.

Why oats and why are they in the product?

As a gamer you want to perform at your best at all times. For that to happen, you need to fuel your body with carbohydrates also known as sugar.

But wait, i thought sugar is unhealthy? Well theres sugar and then theres sugar. Let me explain, the carbohydrates in Runtime Buff Food you can imagine as long chains of sugar molecules that bind together, because in nature sugar is not the crystalline white powder you know from making cakes and such.

When you ingest these carbohydrates your body breaks them down into sugar, which can then be used to make energy in your cells, muscles and brain.

Why is it important to eat complex carbohydrates?

Oats would be considered a complex carbohydrate, that means that the body needs longer to break it down and also your blood sugar is not rising as quickly as compared to a piece of white bread.

Beta Glucans

You might wonder, beta-WTF. Let me tell you why its interesting. Beta Glucans is kind of a complex carbohydrate and its very beneficial for your body. In the wild these beta glucans have a variety of good effects on your health, these are just a few:

  •  Helps to reduce obstipation from long sitting and a shitty diet(1)(2)
  • Helps you feel full for a very long time.(3)
  • Reduces blood sugar, so you don’t get a crash and play without getting tired.(4)

Oats are very nutritious

Oats have a very various mix of polyphenols, super-nutrients minerals and vitamins that a lot of people don't know of. So here we go.

One Package of Runtime contains these ingredients

Magnesium: 33% RDI (RDI Meaning your daily recommended needs of this mineral)(5)
- Magnesium is a very "relaxing" mineral compound and can help you wind down, as well as improve brain function.
- It has been shown to improve digestion.

Try it out!

You should definately give Runtime Buff Food a Try and let us know if you like the taste and effect it can give you. Lets imagine this:

- You dont want to cook? Just have a runtime instead, its quicker and possibly more healthy than ramen, pizza or noodles.
- You just like to sit there and finish your game but you're hungry? Have a runtime meal and get on with your game?
- You want to make yourself some pancakes, but dont know how. Just use runtime powder, add eggs and milk and youre done.


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(5)RDI -

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