Ingredient Spotlight: MCT or Medium-Chain-Triglycerides

In this ingredient spotlight we will shine some light on the fatty part in our formula, namely the fat with the fancy name MCT or MCT-Powder or even better medium-chain-triglycerides.

What the hell are MCTs?

To function properly your body needs all kinds of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and also of course fats. But why exactly does your body need fat? To keep it very simple, it needs fat to survive and build the most important structures in your body.

It needs fat to build your cell walls. 

Besides building up cell walls your body uses fat for a lot of other functions. Testosterone for example is synthesized in the body from cholesterol. Fat is also used as a carrier for helping vitamins getting into your body better. But why are we talking about fat today?

Because fat can also give you rapid energy, thats why.

If you were thinking that fat is just the stuff that keeps you warm in winter and will roll up when you sit down you should think again. Not all fat is created equal and not all fat makes you fat. Some of it just does a little bit more. But wait there's more.

Why MCTs and why have we included them into the formula!

You may think why we just didnt use any ol sunflower oil or coconut fat. Let me get into why we didnt. This article wont be a post about the different kinds of fat and which is the healthiest of them all. It will be structured in a way so that you can see that MCTs are getting into your body fast to deliver much needed energy without getting on your belly. 

We included Medium Chain Triglycerides here into the formula mainly because they really work great for supplying the body with a different kind of energy. Not only will you feel full from eating a whole nutritious meal but also you will get rapid energy from the MCTs in the form of ketones.

What are ketones?

Getting into this topic will cover another blogpost, you can read up on what ketones or better ketone bodies are here. Simply put, ketone bodies are like an energy source for your body. Your body can either use glucose aka sugar or ketone bodies for energy production. Your body has these two ways of utilizing energy since in the past we didnt always had instant supply of food anywhere and anyime and so our body had to use fat storages or break down fat to make energy. 

Why MCTs are the "better kind" of fat.

So now that you know how your body can utilize different sources of food for energy and that not all fat is the same we look at what MCTs are really doin in your body. 

Where normal fat or LCT (Long Chain Triglycerides) needs a long time for the body to absorb it eventually and use it as fuel MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are getting absorbed in the small intestines into the bloodstream. Normal fats need to first get to the liver where the body needs to use more energy to break it down. 

The better kind of fat meaning in this instance, that MCTs are neither putting a load on your liver and also not being stored as fat cells theyre getting really quickly used as a fuel source for your heart, brain and your muscles.

What you should do now!

You should beginn with adding coconut fat to your morning coffee and or tea (also you could add a little bit of butter and mix it thoroughly to get it to blend better in the mix) 

If you dont like this kind of beverage you could get MCT Powder here, or just get some good MCT Oil here.

If you would rather test the MCTs in a real product with added carbohydrates, proteins vitamins, bcaas and some collagen for your muscle and tendon repair you should definately check out our Buff Food

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