Ingredient Spotlight: Collagen

Have you ever had Chicken with crispy skin? Like half a chicken, or chicken legs? Well, in case you’re not removing the crispy skin you’re in luck. You added some collagen to your diet!

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and is responsible for a variety of things. It acts foremost as a structural protein making sure your nose stays where it is or that your fingers are even able to move. Without tendons on your muscles you wouldn’t be able to move, strafe or get some kills in.

Basically collagen could make your skin younger and stretchier.

And that's not all!

1) Super Strong joints

Strong joints are built by a steady supply of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and a lot of other important elements your body needs to build these structures. Most importantly collagen is needed for strong and functioning joints and movement in your fingers and arms.

Collagen can not only help build these structures, it can also help make them stronger and increase their resilience to injuries. Collagen thus is a convenient and effective hack for Esports Athletes and amateur players alike particularly if you have a lot of strain and pressure on arms, fingers and shoulders.

2) Quick Recovery & Regeneration

Preparation and smart training is the best insurance for not getting injured. But if you ever do end up getting too much strain or even an injury from playing too much for too long or in a wrong position you might get some help from collagen.

  • Collagen in the body forms a matrix, that can cover damaged tissue while still allow it stay flexible. Its kind of a net that holds everything together making it stronger while still being able to move.
  • It can merge with tissue that it is applied to, helping to close wounds from the inside.

So whenever you need to repair something, or want to support your body with some good ol collagen to help recover from a hardcore gaming session you could try some collagen. 

3) Sleep Mode

Collagen does contain a lot of amino acids itself. The most interesting for having a good nights sleep is the amino acid glycine. But how should that work? Well the amino acid glycine much like the relaxing amino acid l-theanine in green tea can help your nervous system relax faster and calm it down.

You could also either take some glycine on its own, or you add some collagen which will supply enough glycine.

There have been several studies, namely one where participants took some glycine right before going to bed and had a much clearer head the next day and reported less daytime sleepiness / drowsiness. We can’t tell you that it will have an effect for you or work for sure, but should definitely try it to see if a little portion of collagen before bed could have a positive effect on your life.

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