IEM Katowice x Runtime

Team Runtime (we are still a couple of months away from deciding which game we should play) attended IEM Katowice last week and it's been nothing short of awesome. 

As it turns out, the drive from Berlin (that's where our HQ is) to Katowice takes around 6 hours (512km). Since it has been unanimously decided that I will be the designated driver of the team, I had to take action. That action was opening a can of Runtime Orange before we set off. 6 hours went past really quick and by the end of our trip I was still feeling good (cue Nina Simone and her eternal hit single). 

This has been my first IEM Katowice event, and 108th in total. I wanted to go there for a while, but there would always be a reason why I could not make it. Last year it was Shanghai Major. Something I would totally swap for Katowice if I had the chance. 

Spodek Arena is located right in the heart of the city, and lines of esports fans were the first thing we've noticed upon our arrival. Let me tell, this is a great sight for everyone in the industry. 

Our goals in Katowice were meeting the fans, sampling out our products, a few business meetings and watching some of the finest Counter-Strike action there is. 

I would honestly say that showcasing and sampling our products was the most exciting part. You get direct feedback right on the spot. People tell you what they like about your product, or would love to see improved, and you have the chance to explain what your product does and why it's the perfect companion for every esports fan out there. 

We will go to more events soon, small ones included. If you are hosting a LAN party somewhere around Berlin, or would simply like to get a package of Runtime products from us for your event – let us know

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