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How runtime works

DR. Lutz Graumann

DR. Lutz Graumann

Sports medecine & nutrition expert, fighter pilot trainer



Sports medecine & nutrition expert, fighter pilot trainer Play Video

Runtime Products rely on a relatively new natural form of carbs - Isomaltulose. This byproduct of the fermentation of the sugar beet raises the blood sugar level way slower than the usual suspects (dextrose, sugar, fructose, etc.)

And the more stable the blood sugar levels are the more likely it is that you will keep your levels of concentration and focus high in the game and in practice

DR. Lutz Graumann
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DR. Lutz Graumann
Learn more
Weldon Green

Weldon Green

Sports psychologist & professional esports coach

"Runtime is the perfect trifecta"

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Nutrition first, esports first, and performance first. This company knows esports and nutrition inside out. They don’t make any compromises in product design.

Before, I had to make my own supplement & meal plans because esports ‘energy drink’ companies don’t align with my ideals. But in Runtime I found a partner with the same approach towards health & high performance.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why Runtime works for Esports?

We started Runtime with one simple goal: fix nutrition for Esports. We studied what ingredients can help esports athletes achieve better performance and how we can incorporate them in two basic things: meals and drinks.

Do Runtime products work for other activities, such as studies?

Yes, definitely. Studying requires endurance, concentration, wakefulness and quiet often there's simply no time to prepare a decent meal. Runtime covers all these areas.

I'm not an esports athlete. Should I use your products?

Some of us simply like watching esports events, cheer for our favorite teams and players, and not necessarily compete on a regular basis. You don't need to be a Tier 1 player to benefit from Runtime products. They work for anyone who is looking for quick and balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner that actually delivers energy, rather than end up in a food coma. Performance Drink can actually improve your performance instead of crashing it with sugar spike.