Fueled by science, Next Level Meal and Performance Drink are proven to increase your mental and physical performance.

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Runtime benefits at a glance

These four factors are just some of the reasons why Runtime is great:



Remain focused for longer periods.



Stay bright, alert and awake.



React faster and more effectively.



Keep going strong against all odds.

The products

Next Level Meal

The Next Level Meal is a convenient and tasty way to get a healthy meal in under 60 seconds. Full of Vitamins and Minerals and all the macronutrients your body needs. It also won’t make you crash but fuel you up for hours.

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60 sec




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Vitamins +

Performance Drink

The Performance Drink can provide you with hours of constant energy flow, concentration and does not cause any sugar crash. This is the perfect companion for gaming sessions, or if you want to study hard and then play even harder.

from €2.19 per can








No Sugar

How runtime works

DR. Lutz Graumann

Sports medecine & nutrition expert, fighter pilot trainer



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Runtime Products rely on a relatively new natural form of carbs - Isomaltulose. This byproduct of the fermentation of the sugar beet raises the blood sugar level way slower than the usual suspects (dextrose, sugar, fructose, etc.)

And the more stable the blood sugar levels are the more likely it is that you will keep your levels of concentration and focus high in the game and in practice

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Weldon Green

Sports psychologist & professional esports coach

"Runtime is the perfect trifecta"

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Nutrition first, esports first, and performance first. This company knows esports and nutrition inside out. They don’t make any compromises in product design.

Before, I had to make my own supplement & meal plans because esports ‘energy drink’ companies don’t align with my ideals. But in Runtime I found a partner with the same approach towards health & high performance.


The Starter pack


The best way get started with Runtime in one package. We’re sure that if you try our products, you’ll be hooked and will be back for more. We also included the Runtime Shaker to help you prepare and drink your meals in no time.


Runtime Updates

We like to go on about performance, nutrition and food science. Find more in the blog.

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Here's what people say about our products

ZanderLP, Streamer

"If you ask me, you’ll simply have to try out the Runtime products for yourself. I really didn’t like the standard Energy Drinks anymore. The Runtime Performance Drink is the perfect alternative and actually stays true to its promises.

As for the Runtime Meal: I love it! Due to my stressful schedule I oftentimes ate regular Fast Food. This resulted in me being tired and fatigued - not exactly productive. The Runtime Meal tastes delicious, satiates and you don’t end up in a food coma :D"

Dhalucard, Streamer

“The Performance Drink from Runtime is simply great for gaming sessions. Keeps you going for a long time and tastes great when served ice cold. The Runtime Meal saves time and provides me with everything my body needs. It also tastes deliciously like cookie dough."

JimPanse, Streamer

“I have tried a lot of sports nutrition in the past. The Runtime Meal tastes completely different and keeps you satiated for a long time.

Same goes for the Performance Drink: Unusual good taste and helps you stay alert for a long time. Exactly what you want.”


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why is high blood sugar such a problem?

High blood sugar is a problem because over time it can lead to metabolic problems such as constantly high blood sugar that eventually will need medical attention. In the worst case a constantly elevated blood sugar can result in diabetes type 2. This condition has severe effects on lifestyle and diet choices one can make.

The second problem of high blood sugar is the performance effects. If you’re constantly loading up on sugar or extremely high simple carbohydrate meals like pizza, noodles and white bread you will put your body under constant stress because once you eat the sugar, your body has to remove it again from your bloodstream.

For example:

If the blood sugar is thus constantly elevated and even high in the morning (> 100-130mg/dl) your pancreas gets stressed out and has to produce a lot of insulin to remove the sugar that is not needed. This overproduction can over time make the pancreas not produce so much insulin anymore or halt the production all together. This is when the condition occurs that medical professionals call diabetes.

Why Runtime works for Esports?

We started Runtime with one simple goal: fix nutrition for Esports. We studied what ingredients can help esports athletes achieve better performance and how we can incorporate them in two basic things: meals and drinks.

Do Runtime products work for other activities, such as studies?

Yes, definitely. Studying requires endurance, concentration, wakefulness and quiet often there's simply no time to prepare a decent meal. Runtime covers all these areas.

I'm not an esports athlete. Should I use your products?

Some of us simply like watching esports events, cheer for our favorite teams and players, and not necessarily compete on a regular basis. You don't need to be a Tier 1 player to benefit from Runtime products. They work for anyone who is looking for quick and balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner that actually delivers energy, rather than end up in a food coma. Performance Drink can actually improve your performance instead of crashing it with sugar spike.